Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Marketing A New Business?

This is a question asked too frequently by digital agency clients. They’re starting a new business, getting a brand new shiny website done for it and then they need to start marketing it accordingly. Since social media plays an essential role in online business success, everyone naturally wants to know where to start. Therefore, where should you get an account?

Snapchat – quick, exciting, revolutionary

Many entrepreneurs as well as marketers are reluctant about using Snapchat as a means of promotion. The content is quick to disappear and the network can only be accessed on mobile phones. Yet, this has in no way hindered the application’s tremendous growth and success. There are more than 150 million users who can now store images and diverse media content, which is no longer that volatile. You can use the Story feature to draw attention to your brand. Users might begin to interact with your content, which helps you reach your goals.

Facebook: the power of numbers

Facebook is mainly about the numbers: it has about two billion users worldwide, which makes it the biggest social network in existence. Once you build a following on it, your brand gets the much-needed recognition and from there it keeps on going uphill. Apart from that, you can resort to the complex and highly efficient Facebook advertising. The network collects data from its users, including their characteristics and preferences. Consequently, it tailors the ads according to these findings – to each user’s profile. Therefore, if you wish to pay for ads and have these displayed to the most suitable people, you can ask Facebook to do so. It will show your ads to those prospects who are a good match to your business, meaning those who are in the right demographics or who have already expressed interest in similar brands.

YouTube: information, entertainment, video sharing

Billions of users can share content on YouTube and comment. The content is only made of videos. The more views and shares, the more famous you can get. The great news is that people constantly use YouTube to search for novelties of all kinds. They’re also in search of knowledge and information. If you can instruct or entertain them, then you’re on your way to getting loads of views. You can easily use such videos to direct people to purchasing your products through marketing services.

Here’s a clever shortcut: if you don’t have the time or the resources to tend to a channel of your own and post frequently, then you can strike a deal with a famous ‘youtuber’. There are the so-called vloggers, who are being watched by countless fans. Against a sum of money, you will be allowed to post an ad right in their video or to have them talk about your brand. This is a highly efficient form of promotion.

Pinterest – powerful visuals and targeted audiences

With Pinterest, users find exactly the content they are interested in, save it to their boards and then share it. It can thus become a tool to identify and engage exactly those people who can truly pay attention to your offers. This means you are empowered to select a highly targeted audience. Lure them with visually appealing content – Pinterest is all about the looks. However, it can still be very informative and useful.

Trying to focus on all the notable social media platforms https://plus.google.com/+WebmarketingexpertsAu out there can be a useless effort. Ask yourself first what exactly is your goal and what kind of content will you use. The answers to these two questions reveal the platform that is most suitable to your business.

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