The ultimate princess party for your daughter

Your child’s birthday is an important day as this is the day that you were blessed with a little angel that has given you so many joys. You are given the chance to celebrate your child’s well being and happiness and to see them so joyous on this occasion will only serve to make you happy as well. Celebration of their birthday, also re affirms the child’s self-importance and they know that their loved ones remember this special day and have given thought and effort into making it a good day for them. The birthday does not have to be very elaborate in order to give your child importance, it can simply be a small gathering of close friends and family with food and laughter. Children that don’t go to school may not feel it as important to celebrate their birthday as they may not be able to remember it and throwing lavish party at that age such as princess parties with face painting hire in Melbourne may be more for the parents sake than the child’s as they are over the moon on their kid reaching this milestone. With school going kids, it helps them form relationships as they are able to meet their friends outside of the school and may find more at common at home as well. Themed birthdays such as princess parties also offer a great avenue for children to develop friendships in a comfortable environment where they have the perfect topic to discuss and that is the theme of the birthday.  

Themed birthdays parties are very popular these days in which everything from the food to the décor revolves around the central theme and is usually accompanied with some sort of entertainment such as face painting hire or real-life characters for hire. The theme sets the mood for the party and people know what to expect when they come to it. The children will know how to dress for it and can also get some hint at at what type of gifts to bring for the birthday boy or girl. Adding a theme to the event acts as an excitement trigger as people will be curious to how the theme is being followed and what sort of entertainment will be present at the party. You can even choose to have face painting hire so that they can decorate the faces of the kids according to the party. 

Girls that are at a young age are always interested in princesses, as it is one of the most common bases for cartoons and other print media such as story books and colour books. Girls want to feel then part of wearing pretty gowns and tiaras and which gives them the feel of being royal. If you are planning to throw you daughter one of those amazing princess parties in Melbourne then here are some ideas to help you get started: 

  • Start with princess invitations that should be decorated with fancy text and glitter and can be shaped like a tiara, slippers or even the princess herself. You can even get a picture of your daughter printed wearing a princess dress with the invitation printed on the back. 
  • The decorations should be centred around the theme as well and everything should be colour coordinated as well from the napkins to the balloons.  You can make decoration pieces for the tables that are in the shape of carriages or tiaras and can cover the chairs with slipcovers that are in accordance with the entire party. You can also hang glitter ball or paper balls from the ceiling to make it look like a grand ball.  
  • The menu should also be princess theme from dainty sandwiches to juice being served in teacups. And of course, the cupcakes and biscuits should be decorated according to the princess that has been chosen. If the party becomes larger than expected, then you can always hire event organizers that can take care of everything from the décor to the food and you can feel at ease and enjoy the party. 
  • The games should also be princess-themed such as playing dress up by having multiple costumes and accessories that the girls can use. Dancing games are also a great way to let the children enjoy after they have dressed themselves up. 

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