Here, at Kaleido Fabric a world of creativity and passion awaits you as we offer our heart and soul, that is a wide range of fabrics. Our company offers one of the best pieces of fabrics that are worldly renowned ranging from basic linen wide back quilting fabrics in Australia, flora, and fauna themes to more personalized collections like holiday prints and signature favourites like the Australiana range. With an extensive assemblage of fabrics, we make it easier for you to choose the fabric of your dreams whether it is a beginner quilt or a big new project to attract a wide audience because with Kaleido fabric, one can never sew wrong! 


In an ever-changing world, waste is inevitable. Hence, Kaleido fabric ensures that all fabric is made to endure wear and tear so that minimum fabric gets wasted. We make sure your fabric sustains a long life throughout the years so that when buying our products, clients choose a fabric that they do not regret later. Catering up to more than 450 fabrics, we provide you with the best quality of premium fabrics from both; common types of cotton, linen and nylon to our own exclusive fabric prints specially designed by Australian artists under the Australiana section. The reason we provide such quality fabric is to ensure that your sewing projects turn out to be the very best and to have your trust and faith restored in buying reliable and good quality fabrics from our very own, Kaleido Fabric. 


Kaleido Fabric brings you multiple options of fabric to choose from so that you can get sewing today. To choose a fabric to start with you can easily look up fabrics on our website by design as well as new products according to new launches. Everything comes in one piece on our web page when hunting for the right fabric so that you can sew items that successfully ensemble the big picture in your mind without any difficulties. It is simple and quick so start picking! 


Kaleido Fabrics has curated a wide collection of designs for all the right purposes. It’s range never restricts the minds of creative clients buying fabric for hobbies like school projects or home decor or those who like to experiment with patchwork and detailed prints for nursery decor. No matter what the event is, Kaleido Fabric never fails to surprise. Our collections include Novelties, Geometric designs, Wide back quilting fabrics, floral panels, Baltics, Floral and Paisleys, striped, blender, pearlescent, metallic, animal themed and Australiana fabric print

Among these, our Australiana fabric prints, and Wide Back Quilting fabric collections stand out the most. 

  • Wide Back Quilting Fabric

When choosing wide backings for a quilt it is not necessarily supposed to be a gruelling task, especially not here at Kaleido Fabric that offers a separate category for wide backings. Luckily, our website gathers about more than thirty designs to choose from whether it’s a playful-coloured print as a gift to a friend or a dim toned swirl for a cosy quilt for winter, the wide backings at Kaleido Fabric will never disappoint. Wide Backings become an essential component when finishing off a quilt and give them an eye -catching look. With the wide backing variety provided you can gather different pattern fabrics and make a mix and match quilt or just go with the basic one pattern fabric as well. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Australiana Fabric Prints: 

Kaleido Fabric works hard to make sure that your sewing projects are as personalized and close to heart as possible. That is why we proudly offer the Australiana category, a beautiful and antique collection of fabric displaying Australia’s native plants, Remembrance Day prints, animals, war service memorials all made by the country’s most talented artists. With the amazing quality of fabric that we, here at Kaleido Fabric ensure, paired with our timeless prints displaying Australian heritage, anything or being that wears this fabric will be a vision to remember. These are the type of prints that are surely, once turned into sewing projects of tapestries, cushions, and soft furnishings, going to serve a special place in one’s heart.  


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