Incredible Nutrition Pack- Nan Comfort Infant Formula

Milk is the only food of a newborn and it provides all the nutrition to an infant. The health of the baby depends upon the amount of milk he is fed. Proper feeding is necessary for the health of a baby and to secure him from illness. Infants get sick repeatedly due to lack of nutrition and the self-defense against germs also reduces due to repeated illness. Though breast milk provides the best nutrition by nature, which is crucial for every infant, organic nan comfort infant formula can replace breast milk in a lack of availability of breast milk.  

Mothers are now relieved from the health of their child with newly available milk formulas. Infant formulas are available in different types for different requirements according to the health and age of the baby.  

Why choose an organic nan comfort infant formula? 

Baby’s health is the prime concern of every parent and the health of an infant is a very fragile matter which revolves around the goats milk formula baby is fed. Infants rapidly lose their weight and health if they are not fed properly. Breast milk is the lifeline of every born child, it has got all the nutrition that is necessary for good physical and brain development of the baby. But there are some cases when breast milk is either not available or not sufficient. The mother’s diet should contain all the vital nutrients to gain enough health to feed her baby. A weak mother has less breast milk to feed her infant and the infant might be left hungry which affects the nourishment of the baby. Organic infant formulas can help those worried mothers and take care of their baby’s health. 

These baby formulas are made with high precision keeping all the requirements of your baby in mind. It contains all the basic ingredients that must be present in an infant’s diet. 

What is nan comfort composed of? 

Nestle has been serving the best product for the past 150 years. Baby food formulas including milk and cereal formulas formulated for children from infants to school going kids have always been trusted by wise mothers. Nan comfort is also one of them. Nan comfort is a starter infant formula for newborns which comprises all the essential nutrients which are necessary for the health and growth of an infant.  

 The formula consists of cow’s milk solids, lactose, mineral, vegetable oils and other ingredients in an appropriate amount. The formula has got calculated amount of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium according to the dietary needs of the baby. 

Why choose nan comfort over others? 

Nan comfort is a full package of nutrition for your infant. Complete replacement of breast milk is not possible but proper feed of nan comfort which is formulated as ideal alternative breast milk. The ingredients used are clinically tested and safe for the health of your baby. Especial tin packing preserves the benefits and freshness.  

It is been seen that many infants do not like the taste of milk formulas. Nan grow is formulated with great taste that every infant enjoys. It is an overall alternate of breast milk with all the nutrients and the same taste. Your infant would now willingly have this formulated milk due to its taste and its qualities ensure good health of your baby. 

For which age it is suitable? 

NAN comfort is a beginner formula for infants. It is highly suitable for a newborn infant to 6 months baby. It is not only a food supply but also beneficial to reduce dietary problems such as gas and other problems. 


With 150 years of service, nestle has got the trust of mothers. Here at nestle we never compromise your children’s health and bestow upon you the best products for the health of your family. Nan comfort is extremely helpful for mothers worried about their infant’s health. It bears all the necessary ingredients to maintain the health standards of your baby. It is tested and proven safe to use. Its high-grade packing maintains the freshness and takes the original product from the factory to your home. Bring home nestle nan grow and give the best nutrition to your infant in a safe and convenient manner.   


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