How To Overcome Being Emotionally Exhausted  

Do you feel unusually tired lately, not just physically but emotionally as well? Do you no longer find joy in things you love to do? Being emotionally exhausted can take a toll on your personal, social, and work lives. If you are feeling too anxious or just too “down,” you might not be able to perform as usual at work. You might not feel up to meeting up with friends, thus putting your social life in jeopardy. Don’t let mental exhaustion get the best of you. Here are several ways you can tackle this all too common problem and get back to your old self: 

Go to Therapy  

Feeling down is a natural part of going through the everyday motions. For some people, temporary stress causes temporary negative emotions that fade away in due time. However, if the feeling of being “down,” tired, or overwhelmed continues to last for weeks and weeks, then you need to seek professional help. You might be suffering from a diagnosable anxiety or depressive disorder. If you have a history of mood disorders, then you could be experiencing something similar once more. Therefore, give serious consideration to seeking depression counselling Perth or a similar form of professional help.  

Professional therapy can help you overcome your demons in a realistic and practical manner. Well-regarded clinics like A Resolution offer help via well-trained professionals who prioritise your overall well-being. If your blues are being caused by a psychological issue of some sort, seeking help now would save you a world of pain later.  

Sleep More 

How long do you sleep at night? If it’s less than 7 hours, then that could be the cause of your mood problems. Sleep deprivation causes of domino effect of bad health consequences. You will literally feel fatigued when you go to work without a good night’s sleep, thus exacerbating the existing problems with mental exhaustion. It’s hard to focus or be productive when you haven’t slept well. Therefore, do your best to get between 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night. Do this for a month and see how well your mood improves.  

Try Meditation 

Some people rave about the many benefits of mediation for relaxing. Understandably, meditation is not for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Buy a book, join a class, or watch online videos to learn how to meditate and relax your mental state to feel better.  

Take a Break 

Have you been working all of past year without taking more than weekend breaks? Working long hours can really take a toll on your inspiration and motivation. Therefore, the best thing you can do right now to feel reinvigorated might be to just take a break. Ask your boss for a leave for at least a week. Use your unused vacation days or sick leave. Use the break to unplug and relax. You can go on a vacation. But if travelling is too much, you can try relaxing at home. The point is to just take a break from work to feel better.  

If your mental exhaustion is being caused by a particular stressor, identify the stressor and then try to extricate yourself from it, at least temporarily. You must learn to relax to overcome the problem you have now. Relaxing does not come easy. Therefore, use the above suggestions to learn to relax and fix your current situation.  

Don’t forget that continuing to being emotionally drained could jeopardize your professional and personal lives. If you lose your job or friends, then the situation would only get worse. Therefore, seek help before it’s too late.  

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