Historical Monuments: Importance And Preservation

Historical monuments, in a way, bring to the forefront, the splendor and elegance of the bygone era. They represent one of the most outstanding facets of the cultural and social economical and political sides of the place, with their elaborated superfluities and wonderful architecture. These historical monuments represent our tradition, art, history and design. These monuments also symbolize the architectural skills of the people of a country.

Memorial plaques are a very important and custom memorial choice for a monument. These plaques are used to mark the significance of a monument or of a building. They display facts about a public space or a park or to provide a long lasting tribute or used to mark the graves of our loved ones. These are very attractive, durable and permanent. Several phrases are generally used to begin the dedication such as “Planted in memory of”, “Dedicated in memory of”, “In loving memory of”, “In memory of”, “In honor of” etc. Many different choices of plaques are available such as bronze plaques, designer life plaques etc.

The heritage buildings and monuments of our countries must be preserved. It is the people who are doing an irreparable damage to these archaeological masterpieces. It is also disheartening to see the careless attitude of the people. Certain rules and norms should be followed and people should be made aware of the threats to the monuments. Government of the respective countries should also take initiatives and strict acts must be passed by the government to protect them.

These historical monuments are also playing an important role in promoting the business of the countries of the world. They reflect the changes that happened in a city over time. Thus they are the face of the cities. These historical monuments help us in understanding and respecting people who lived in different eras with different habits and traditions. We understand more about the world we live in, by studying and learning about these monuments. This helps us to build a better future. These monuments provide the knowledge and understanding about our past and how life existed in the prehistoric times.

Preservation of historical monuments does play a crucial cultural role to cultivate pride of our heritage. Maintaining and saving architectural monuments also attract tourists. Thus help in improving the economic prosperity of the country by creating more and job opportunities for the people. Restoring and preserving old buildings is environment friendly too. Preserving these monuments does save energy from spending on manufacturing materials for building, reduce construction waste etc. However this does not mean that modernization should be discouraged. Many of these monuments are also very beautiful such as the religious buildings which include temples and churches that we see all around the world.

The historical sites are having problem with the increase in pollution which has become a daily battle. Acid rain is one of the most destructive forms of pollution.

To conclude, we believe it is very important to protect and preserve the old monuments. The knowledge provided by these monuments help us to understand how to modernize our country in the best possible way. But it is a matter of shame that almost all of them are in a state of neglect. These monuments will continue to suffer unless people realize the importance of preserving them.

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