Canaan Lawyers are Australia’s most trusted Chinese criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne for most effective high quality and reliable legal services with market competitive costs. We provide our clients with the commercial edge of the best legal services that is available for them to get out of any legal trouble. We have our offices set up in Asian Pacific and the centre of Australia in order for the clients to have an easy access and an easier reach towards justice. Canaan Lawyers is a family owned firm with all the attorneys working as closely knitted family that has taken over the responsibility to ensure justice reaches all the suffering beings. We are not just a regular law firm housing Chinese lawyers, diversity is highly valued at Canaan Lawyers and therefore all Canaan Lawyers attorneys must go through a tough and serious screening process before being selected to work at Canaan Lawyers. 

We extend our services to matters as extensive as that of corporate governance to as minor as drink driving lawyers. When it comes to criminal attorneys, it is one of the most underestimated jobs in the fields of legal practice. Clients and the outer world usually think that the lawyers are going against the law and are just defending their customers for the sake of money and all the criminals that contact a lawyer to fight the case do not deserve to have a say and go against the corrupt atmosphere of our law firms. At Canaan Lawyers, it is our responsibility to give our customers the most efficient attorney services so that they can combat their case and get the justice they deserve. No matter what the intensity of their crime is, either it be as small as parking the car at the wrong spot or as large as murdering a human being, we at Canaan Lawyers are destined to give our customers the best and most reliable advice for them to have the best access towards the justice that everyone deserves.  

There is no sort of fun and excitement for us at Canaan Lawyers to be the only supporters of the criminals that are allegedly been held while the rest of the world bats a blind eye towards them. This is because the people out in the free world are always judgemental of the offense that someone is accused of even if it is not proven. Everyone has their struggles and battles to fight and we at Canaan Lawyers ensure that our customers do not feel lonely or unwanted while they are approaching the court to hear them lay the facts and help them become a credible part of the society that can be trusted and given a chance at living a happy and free life.  

Even if some of the defendants have actually committed some horrible crimes, it is our responsibility at Canaan Lawyers that we make sure that the best and most efficient help to them and their right to have an attorney given by the constitution is provided to them in order for them to have the best chance of getting out of the system with justice or if they have really committed the crime, they should get the chance to make their lives better next time and serve the least possible sentence so they can go back to normal life as soon as possible. 

We at Canaan Lawyers understand that it is not always possible or easy to find common grounds with someone who is accused of horrible crimes and that they can possible face a death sentence. But we make sure that we empathize with the clients in order for them to open up to us fully such that we can have a better grip on the ins and outs of the case and our clients have a better chance of being represented in the best way possible so that they can never have the regret of someone not trying enough for them. No matter what the crime the client has committed, at the end of the day, we all the human beings who deserve respect and a chance at justice.  


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