Difference between a family lawyer and a property settlement agent

There used to be a time when people were not afraid of committing heinous crimes like murder, robbery and many more. The reason for this fearlessness was that there were no set rules at those times which would punish or give penalty to the criminals. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where we have been introduced with set of rules and regulations for almost every action that we take. There are rules for traffic system, there are rules for buying and selling of property and many more such rules or laws have been introduced. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between family lawyer and property settlement agent in Perth


We all are quite familiar with the word law which is can be defined as the set of rules which have been levied by the government to each and every citizen of the country. Each person has to follow the implemented rules irrespective of the fact that whether the person is a beggar or the ruler of the state. Those people who would intentionally or unintentionally go against the laws will have to face penalty or in some cases punishment. The punishment that is given to the person is implemented according to the severity of the crime. The field of law can further be subdivided into various branches. This division is based upon the kind and nature of the crime.  

Lawyer and agent: 

Lawyer is the person who has qualified in the field of law. The person becomes a professional lawyer after he attains the approval certificate from the state. Lawyer can be categorised into solicitor, attorney and barrister depending upon the nature of the duty. On the other hand, agent can be described as the person who speaks or acts on the behalf of another person. the main difference between lawyer and agent is that lawyer cannot take multiple cases at the same time, but an agent can be assigned multiple duties at the same time. 

Family lawyer: 

A family lawyer is the one who has qualified in the field of family law.  Some of the basic quarrels or disputes that take place within a family are about the custody of children, filing for divorce, property dispute, separation and inheritance disputes. It is the duty of family lawyer to solve these disputes in the best interests of his client. It is the family lawyer who fights for his client to give him the guardianship of the children. Besides that, if one party is reluctant to agree upon certain conditions then it is the job of a family lawyer to try his best to convince the judge in support of his client.  

Property settlement agent: 

Property settlement agents are the people who make sure that the transference of property is being taken place according to the rules implied by the government. He makes sure that there is no illegal activity going on in this deal and if he finds anything fishy in the contract then he immediately aware his client about them. Basically, he is the person who makes the transfer of property possible while following all of the rules and regulations. Property settlement agents are also known as conveyancers.  

Difference between family lawyer and property settlement agent: 

Up till now we are well aware about both the terms quite elaborately so let us now discuss about some of the differences between the two. Family lawyer is completely concerned about the issues that are revolving within the family even if the case is about property inheritance; still it is related to the family dispute. On the other hand, property settlement agent deals with the transference of property between two different parties.  


The introduction of law has turned the barbarous society into a civilized one. We have been introduced with many different kinds of rules and laws which have been implemented by the government on the citizens of the country. People who have studied in the field of law and fights for rights of other people are known as lawyers. Family lawyers and property settlement agents also come under the category of law. “Four lion legal” offers the best services of family lawyers as well as property settlement agents. 


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