Buy Wooden Pallets & Enjoy All the Benefits

Are you looking for secure and brawny packing solution for your own business?  You don’t need to worry anymore, we have an ideal and perfect solution to your problem, that is Reclaim and Timber.  Wooden pallet packaging is an imperative part of any business, it is extremely sturdy and safe and you often worried about it. Since, there are many questions that might be arise in the mind like where to buy wooden pallets? Which seller would be best? Where i should invest money in buying worthy wooden pallet packaging?  Answer to all such queries are here in Reclaim and timber. At Reclaim and Timber, they produce high quality and sturdy wooden pallet packaging and supply to their customer in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane since 1974.  

Reclaim and Timber is prominent in manufacturing wooden boxes, crates, pallet and timber. They produced customize products just to meet your needs and business requirements and help you to secure your commodities during preserving and transportation as well. Not only they manufacture good quality products, but also, they have very the high-tech team which has experience of more than 40 years, moreover, their helpful and cooperative attitude towards their customer is the reason behind their customer’s satisfaction, so buy wooden pallets and enjoy. 

Timber is highly recommended wood for both customize packaging and palates due to its exquisite looks and numerous features like flexibility, efficiency, and many more. Timber is highly productive packing material that is ideal for high performance and excellent environmental benefits. Timber is considered as the best choice for packaging form the decades. 

Benefits for surroundings 

Wood is considered as an environmentally friendly material. It has very less effect on surrounding and it cause more pollution. Choosing wood in many applications can reduce carbon footprints. There are two main benefits of choosing Timber wood packaging, first is that it has very low amount of manifest energy. Manifest energy is known as the energy usually in the form of fossils and it is manmade. Lower manifest energy means low emission of greenhouse gas and less energy cost as well.  

The second benefit of Timber wood pallet packaging is that that dry wood is rich source of carbon dioxide which is removed once a tree is cut, the carbon dioxide removed from dry wood is almost half of its total weight which will help in growing further tree and making environment green and health. 


Timber wood Packaging is reusable and can be recycle as well. A wood pallet has average life of ten years that is about a long time, and it can be reused and refurnished once during their lifespan of ten years. If the wood is not reusable again then it’s not a problem because it can be retransformed into whole new product, this is the beauty of timber wood packaging pallet. If you don’t want to recycle it, then don’t throw it because it can be use as bio product as well. Not only this there are many more uses of timber wood pallet packaging when it is not useable as package anymore and this include: bedding for animals, small furniture, customize small packaging, renewable bioenergy etc.  

Trade value: 

Wood packaging, once heat sterilized or fumigated consistent with the international customary ISPM-15, is safely used for transporting product everywhere the planet. It has very high international trade value, and widely used all over the world for transporting goods and storing them as well in the best and safest way it can be.  

Nowadays pallets are most popular among the goods manufacturers, the popularity of pallet is increasing day by day because it is highly convenient, durable and long lasting. Many manufactures use wooden pallets for displaying their products at warehouse and wholesales. Timber pallets are made of both soft wood and hard wood, and they are frequently used in many industries in the form of transporting material. 

If you want all these qualities in your wood pallet then without any second thought contact Reclaim and Timber, they promise high quality environmentally friendly Timber wood pallet packaging and also, they provide you best customer services with experienced team and hardworking employs. So, for buying wooden crate, pallet or packing for storing and transporting your goods just drop a line at Reclaim and Timber. 


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