5 Things To Look Out For While Buying Second Hand Forklifts

Forklifts have been used since ages to move goods and materials at the construction sites; goes without saying, no construction project could begin its course of operations without having the right fleet of equipment and capital onboard. So when you go into a project requiring you to take the forklifts aboard, you must begin with deciding the type of machine which would serve the purpose at hand such as would it be LPG or diesel or petrol or gas-based when it comes to operations, similarly, what would be the capacity of the machine. There are various kinds of forklifts available across Australia differing in terms of capacities such as there are the ones which could carry 20,000 lbs as well as those carrying 100,000 lbs of materials from one place to another at a site. So it is up to you which one you would want to opt for considering the basic needs in mind. Once you have determined the type and capacity if the machine the next task at hand is then to decide whether you want to buy one or are going to rent one.  

Flexilift has been doing a great job in this regard it does not only let you buy machines from them but you can also source the best spare parts as well from a similar source. Apart from that, they also provide you with the option to hire forklift in Melbourne on rent in the short term or long term basis, depending upon the need at hand. It would be your first-hand requirements which would help you determine what kind of machine you want, should the tires be of unmarked rubber insulations or good enough to run on uneven terrain. All these considerations would help you in the decision making the process. However, it is important that you inspect and check the forklift thoroughly before buying or renting out for the given project.  

Forks & Mast 

The first step of inspection for the used forklift for sale is to investigate its the blades of its forks and check them for any cracks, damage or tilted. Then have a look at the fork heels and its thickness which must match up with the thickness of the fork shank otherwise it would not be able to load the materials to its full capacity. Another thing to look out for is the mast of the lift, see for any welds, wear and tear, and security of the side shift cylinders.  

Mast Rails, Chains & Rollers 

You must also keep a close eye on the mast rail, look again for any wear and tear which could challenge the integrity of the workings of the machine. Then lookout for the rollers, they must have to be round in shape and should not be oval as it would have been these have been compressed, and could hinder the smoothness of operations at any point in time. Lastly, have a peek at the chains of the mast to see for any missing link or pressed chains.  

Frame, Canopy & Cowling 

You must inspect the forklift on sale further by moving around the machine and check for any damages on its frames. You must investigate the supports of the canopy for wear and tear as these must be able to protect the canopy in case of rollover or overloading of the lift. The screens must be intact and not broken. Moreover, check tires for chunking as well as the inner for lugnuts.  

General Operations 

You must step into the forklift driving seat and start investigating it for certain features. First of all, take out the belt and review its condition, rev up the engine and start operating the forks by moving them in all directions, you must then try to drive the machine forward, backward and sidewards. Listen for the odd sound that the engine makes, see how smoothly steering wheel operates and the brakes work. All these things coming together would help you in assessing the overall condition of the machine.  

Engine Compartments 

Lastly, you must open the engine and check for any dirt particles, buildup, leaks and damages. Monitor the oil level through dipstick, see all the wires are correctly connected with the battery and that the overall condition of the engine and the respective compartments is in good shape before investing your sums into used forklift for sale in Melbourne then move to the rear side of the forklift and check for the exhaust filters along with keeping an eye on the counterweight bolts to ensure that they are securely in place.  

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